SMART FRAME is a project that creates a dynamic network by connecting partners from several European countries. It focuses on SMEs operating in the high technology areas (a) materials, (b) surfaces, (c) sensors/actors, (d) processes and (e) the integration of these four.

Based on an analysis of the current situation and already made experiences, strategies aiming at (1) location development, (2) initiating transnational R&D projects, (3) settlement and (4) spin‐off creation will be elaborated and executed. Additionally, best practices will be compiled and shared.

The outcome will be a sustainable transnational network that evokes R&D projects as well as new jobs in the touched high technology areas. Additionally, Central Europe will be strengthened as a location for business.

SMART FRAME is co‐funded by the European Union with 1.6 Mio Euro which is almost 80% of the total budget volume. The outcome of the project will be shared with the broad public.


How This Will Be Done

A common platform will be implemented and will act as source for (a) storing profiles of participants (b) building a community of actors from R&D, intermediaries and industry.

Participating areas will be analysed and supported by the implementation of elaborated improvement actions. Location profiles which describe the characteristics of these areas will be derived. Based on those, transnational R&D projects will be started and companies which fit to the location will be approached to settle down.

The community‐wide collection of best practices for spin‐offs will result in one handbook for employers and one for employees to address concerns on both sides and to make spinning‐of more attractive.

What is the detailed content of the project?